A lot of heart was put into mawiLove – and at the same time much
knowledge and experience. This unique combination is due to its
founder, Béatrice Wenker. Having been a dancer at the Paris Lido
and having modelled for Laurel, Escada, Airfield and Talbot & Runhof
amongst others, she experienced the daily demands on the skin
using make-up and other cosmetics and was aware of the short-
comings of existing care concepts. So she developed her very own
idea of skin treatment: an intensive care which is highly effective
and at the same time optimally tolerated.

During her active time as model, the American-Austrian Béatrice
Wenker completed her training as a beautician at a renowned School
of Beauticians and deepened her expert knowledge.
She worked with different kinds of cosmetic raw materials and their
effectiveness, experimented with cosmetics and mixed them in order
to get an all-embracing insight.


Together with scientific experts such as dermatologists, chemists
and biochemists, the three mawiLove serums emerged with a great
deal of passion and perseverance. An important role played a
cosmetic manufacturer who Béatrice Wenker could win over to
manufacture her products. Due to her experience with skin care
for allergy sufferers, she contributed important incentives
and stands for the special quality of the products. 
The results are three tailor-made compositions for different skin
requirements. All three mawiLove serums are based on the latest
dermatological findings. They are so effective and agreeable that
Béatrice Wenker does not only use them herself but recommends
them with pleasure and conviction.


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