mawiLove serums have many good qualities, but the best is perhaps
that they have a message straight from the heart: love yourself.
Because love makes you generous and your heart soft, it makes
mistakes and weaknesses disappear and takes the pressure off
your wish to be perfect at all times.

mawiLove, therefore, deliberately dispenses with a predetermined
image of perfect beauty and counts on your intuition, which
everybody has: do sports, when you feel like it, relax when you
need a rest, eat whatever you fancy and stop eating when you are
no longer hungry – decide for yourself and most of all:
forget perfection!


mawiLove, too, is not the only way to beauty and radiance – but
maybe it is the most beautiful way to give oneself love and attention.
Because whenever you may look at, feel and apply mawiLove serums
you take your time and feel comfortable – a little more each day.

By the way: like with most things that surround us, also in skin care
less is often more. Allow yourself and your skin a break now and
again, let your skin breathe, clean it with protective facial cleanser
which does not dry up your skin, and it is even alright if now and
again you go to bed without any face cream. In a word: keep it short
and simple – your skin will be grateful!


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